So I got home yesterday and took allergy tablets - within 30mins I was feeling well snoozy, but managed to play on CoH for a bit - suspect the reason I died twice was due to sleeply feelings as opposed to incompetence.

Got Dan to drive me to Lex's to pick up leather armour of his so I can copy pattern. Thought I was going to fall asleep on sofa.

Got home, cut out bits of leather - discovered lack of thread and needles.

Went to bed.

Wow, my life is exciting. ;-)


Apr. 18th, 2005 01:48 pm
So this weekend we had a Maelstrom group meeting (which was v good), but beforehand Dan was trying to decide what to cook for everyone. He eventually plumped for chilli - but usually chilli in our house is rather bland what we me being allergic to peppers.

But this Saturday Dan said to me "Are you sure you're allergic to chilli peppers? Or just red and green ones etc?"

I said I wasn't sure, but was pretty certain my allergy included chilli peppers.

After a bit more discussion I elected to injest some chilli powder.

20 minutes later my bottom lip started to swell slightly.

It went down a bit later, but to be on the safe side ginger was used instead of chilli powder.

No other signs of allergy.

Except now.

My hand is breaking out slightly.

Am pretty sure I didn't eat peppers for lunch.

So it's either a slow reaction to the powder, peppers were in the sauce with the chicken I had for lunch.... or I am way more stressed about things than I appreciated.

Hmm, blotching on other hand now too.
..... went out to lunch at a cool restaurant with Dan on Saturday, at Lakeside. Sadly restaurant was a Mississippi style place with lost of Cajun/Creole food.

Thought I'd have steak to minimise chance of being contaminated by Peppers. Sadly when food turned up the veg contained peppers. So I ate around them.

Towards end of meal Dan asked me if I was feeling alright.

"Yes, why?" was my reply.

Cue slight swelling of bottom lip.


Went to Boots after pudding for antihistamines, which I took. Now they say "May Cause Drowsiness" on them, for me that means "Night John-boy".

So we stumbled around Ikea so I could buy CD rack thingie, then I zonked out in car on way home.

Woke up just enough to get in the house, then went to bed, whilst Dan went to Pub in St A's.

I woke up at about 9.30 feeling ok. Played on CoH for a couple of hours then went and picked up Dan. Got home, went to bed again as was feeling tired again, got up late next day.




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