Well that's done then - the hectic week is over, and the final curtain has fallen on "The Lion in Winter".

Found out that the next performance is going to be on the 18/19/20 of May - the weekend before the Heartlands - so woot! Currently I can audition to be in it!

No idea when the next production will be sorted though, after Xmas I think.
Talk about burning the candle at both ends - I'm knackered, and have a stupidly busy week ahead of me.

Was a good weekend though. Dan and I were up until 4.30am Friday night playing WoW - only reason we were on so late is because I had started making my Lekku, and needed to wait for the latex layers to dry.

Consequentially got up late-ish on Saturday, pottered about doing more on the tails, re-dying my hair red, and playing WoW - then stayed up silly late (3.30am) again whilst Dan did some paintwork on them.

Sunday I got up earlier, convinced that the Star Wars game started at 1pm, found out that it didn't start until 7pm, which was a bit annoying as I had to cancel plans I'd made with [livejournal.com profile] nortysarah - really sorry Sarah!

Didn't do much on Sunday, except find stuff for the game, then about an hour before going to get [livejournal.com profile] reindeerflotila I got the worst headache. Finally found some drugs about 10 mins before, so took them and headed out hoping it would go - I'd spent most of the weekend making the damn Lekku there was no way I was going to miss it.

Got to game after a smooth journey into London (I decided to drive all the way in), and after a pint of coke the headache started to fade. Was struck by severe self-consciousness when in make up and with the Lekku on my head, but managed to leave girls loos and integrate with the others.

Soon got over my fear when I had loads of positive comments head on me, and got XP award for costume before time in was even called. Game was a lot of fun, lots of politics (like Vampire only less fangs and blood) and a good laugh. I didn't do or say much as I was finding my feet - but I will go again.

Got a bit concerned on the drive back that my GPS was trying to abduct me - by leading me south over the river, instead of north, but eventually it got me home. It turned out it was set to avoid the congestion charge areas, which is why it took us the long weird way.

Got home at 12.30, crashed out by 1am.

This week I am out every night - Monday to Wednesday is the Dress/Tech Rehearsals, then Thursday to Saturday is the Performances, finally Sunday is take down.

I want a rest!


Oct. 25th, 2005 10:03 am
waywardh: (elani)
Went back to the Knebworth Amateur Theatre Society last night, felt a bit bad after going to one then being absent for 4 sessions due to illness - am sure they thought I wasn't coming back.

Not entirely sure if I'm liking it or not to be honest, but I've only been to two and they are so close to show time that it's hard to for an opinion.

The director is very bossy (but then most are) and I wasn't particularly chuffed with the way she asked me to make the tea, but there we go.

The other awful thing is that it seems we have 2 Stevenage chavs in 2 of the lead roles, they can't pronouce their t's, wore baseball caps, had bling on, and stupid trainers. That was a bit disconcerting, but I have to admit they do know their lines pretty well.

Haven't had a chance to chat with anyone much, so feeling a little left out, but that's okay. As I said they are so close to opening night it's mostly rehearsing solidly, no socialising.

Still am props woman for this play, making sure everythings on set ok, and that actors have their personal props etc, so that's quite cool.

Will stick it out and see how it goes.


Sep. 30th, 2005 01:41 pm
Have also been thinking about joining an Amateur Dramatics group.
.... it is now.

Last night was the final performance of Wyrd Sisters, and despite making one mistake I think it was my best night, and the best of the three performances. People still sucked - but on the whole it was better.

The lighting only screwed up once as far as I am aware, I know because it was in one of my scenes. The Duchess and the Fool were still painful, but I've already beaten that one to death with a stick so am not going to say it all again.

I was more nervous last night probably due to knowing more people in the audience, but we got through it.

Although I will miss bits of it, I am very glad it's over.

Those of you who came to see it, hope you all enjoyed watching it. Am really sorry to those I did not speak to last night, I was in a bit of a daze.
Two performances down one more to go. Both went really well despite a few technical hiccups.

The guy who does the lighting is a bit rubbish. He has the Head Tech guy, Dan, talking to him via radio, but he often decides to ignore Dan and do his own thing. Examples include bring the lights down on a scene early, bringing them up too early, and just forgetting to change between one set to another.

I was still just as terrified sat behind the curtain last night as I was the first night, and I fully expect to be again tonight. Can't believe it's the last night already.

Also, we Witches got a cheer last night. That made me smile. :-)

Will talk about it more when it's over.
.... well tonight is the first performance of Wyrd Sisters.

I'm not going to talk about the weekend, nor last night now until after it's all done. I am in a positive frame of mind as I know we can (well most of us) pull this off as we're very good.

For those wanting to come along, as I said it's on Tonight, Tomorrow and Thursday, at Prince Edward Hall, Hatfield Campus, University of Hertfordshire.

Prince Edwards Hall is next to main reception. The doors open at 7.30pm and the play starts at 8.00pm. Tickets are available on the door and cost £3 to NUS card holders and concessions, and £4 to everyone else.

If you are planning on coming along, don't tell me when. I'll just worry. ;-)
Yes, thankfully Mr Briggs and Mr Pratchett have said that we can perform Wyrd Sisters next week and so this amount of effort hasn't just been a massive waste of time.

So to repeat, the play is on Tuesday the 2nd, Wednesday the 3rd and Thursday the 4th of December. (Sadly not on a Friday). The doors open at 7.30pm with the play starting around 8pm.

Tickets are available on the door. They will be £3 to NUS card holders and consessions, £4 to everyone else.

This weekend Amanda, Daz and I are rehearsing - for all if it (except Darren gets to escape for his works x-mas do later on tonight). I am so glad we got the rights because there were things I wanted to do this weekend, like go to the reenactors market, if it had turned out we hadn't got them I would have to take it out on people.
Was pretty good last night, my panic is gone replaced with a worry that we might not get the rights back in time.

If we do, then the play is on 2/3/4 December, tickets will be £3 to NUS card holders and £4 to everyone else. It's in the Prince Edward Hall, Hatfield Campus, Uni of Herts.
Doors open at 7.30 and play starts at 8. You can buy tickets on the door.

If we don't get the rights there will be a stressed filled post on here and the play won't be on.

*watch this space*
.... been busy with new job (which is fab), busy with rehearsals (which isn't so fab), busy playing Vampire on a Monday night (which I still enjoy), and have just started playing Mage (which shall be very interesting.)

For those of you in Hatfield who have stopped playing Vampire for one reason or another, please come back. The game plot it shaping up to be very interesting and is a lot of fun. What the game is suffering from is a lack of player on player (tee hee hee) interaction. Come back and play, it's cool.

Quote for this week is: "I shall tongue you to Death!"

Oh and on another note...

I work with someone called Nathan Grey. How cool is that!!!
If I have to explain that comment it's not worth it, I just find it cool.
Wow, this working on a Saturday lark sucks. Haven't done this since I worked at the library back when I was at Uni... so we're talking 4 years ago now.

Sucks even more than I thought it would because it's just me and the nob MD Simon.

Got up before 8, unheard of for me on Saturday, and had to be at the station for 9, and finally got into St Albans for about 9.35am.

Still, after today only two more working days left here, then 3 days of freedom, the weekend and then the IEE!!

I popped into Hammicks... no wait Ottakar's, and picked up a shiny new copy of Wyrd Sisters - The Play that I had on order. I also got The Book of Exhalted Deeds for D&D.

Thought Exhalted Deeds might be handy for next weekend, as am running the second part of my Norse campaign. I've more or less worked out the entire plot for it, and am now just turning it into encounters etc. It should be a giggle nonetheless.

[livejournal.com profile] woodbrook, no you can't wear the winged helmet when you play.
Well I did it, I gave in my notice.. it did not go too well to start with. Pat got rather angry at me, which (me being me) caused me to cry. To which she got upset and started apologising.

I am now feeling the guilt of letting these people down, which is stupid as I am not sorry about going. Still if I felt any other way right now I wouldn't be me.

Am still waiting to hear when my last day is, if it's this Saturday or Tuesday. Either way, it's done.

Am really looking forward to starting at the IEE, but am currently tired and miserable.

Still rehearsal tonight. :-)
... first rehearsal went very well. The cast (all that were there) did a straight read through and nearly everyone was very cool. Am especially impressed with my two fello witches.

[livejournal.com profile] woodbrook's interpretation of Magrat I thought was spot on, but I think the directors would like her to be more of an airhead.

Am hoping that [livejournal.com profile] reindeerflotila gets bumped up to the role he wanted or atleast given more to do. The current Fool was just awful.

I looked at the rehearsal schedule last night, funnily enough I have to go to all of them. Christ I hope I learn the lines quickly.

For those who wanted to know, the performance dates are:
2/3/4th of December.

Oh My God!!

Nov. 3rd, 2003 04:56 pm
I got the part of Granny Weatherwax in "Wyrd Sisters."

Am so shocked.

But so totally happy!
Rest of my week has been interesting.

I went for an interview at the IEE (again) on Wednesday - haven't heard back from them yet.

My job is still sucky! Have found out I get no holiday entitlement until I have been there for 6 months. So am still actively looking for something else.

Wyrd Sisters audition was interesting. Don't know how confident I am about getting a part, but it was fun nonetheless. Apparently the Director is putting up the cast list on the Uni web page at some point this weekend. I can't access the page, so am waiting on [livejournal.com profile] woodbrook to deliver the good/bad news.

Weekend has been good. Did a lot of tidying up in Dan and mine's room yesterday. Intended to do more today, but have been waylaid by planning the next session of my Norse D&D campaign.

Oh, and am having to go into London tomorrow with other new person and the MD to visit the hotels that we are part of. Joy.

Not much else to say... so until next time. :-)
I seem to have been 'pressganged' into going to audition for Wyrd Sisters tomorrow.

I know what I'd like to go for, but am now worrying about it.

Stupid nerves.



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