... was cool.

Got attacked by Lizardmen bandits.

Am slowly be surrounded by three of them, so I say "I have no issue with you, back off."

To which they replied, "We don't have issue with you, we just want your money."

I play a wilf-elf barbarian/druid, covered in druidic symbols and mud etc, I have matted dreadlocks, wear basic leather armour (think that Knightly woman in Authur), and carry a small bag and a quarterstaff. I look the epitome of poor.

So I give them an incredulous look (not that I know what that word means IC), then one of them tries to seperate me from my stick.

Then the red mist descended. :-)


Oct. 8th, 2004 01:23 am

Cadda smash!

Luckily my luck with dice held out (but poor [livejournal.com profile] oneneoeno did seem to get a run of bad luck), and none of us got horribly trashed by the "horde" of skeletons/zombies/goblins and the eeeevil Kobolds. I was a bit concerned that I was going to drop out of rage at the wrong point, but luckily it all went well.

Cadda and Lothar seem to have a Legolas/Gimli relationship when it comes to fights, but although I am the painfully thin elf he's the one who uses a bow and I'm the one who smashes stuff... so not too sure which is which.

Oh and Dan, 11!
Am so looking forward to it as it was left in such a clifhanger way - loads of undead coming out of the forest towards us... the promise of a good fight!

But... the last two sessions of D&D that I have done (once playing, once as the DM) I've been rolling really well... so tonight...

Yep Cadda might cark it in a fit of rage as she tries to clense the earth of the vile perversion of life with her stick.

- new job and rest of Slasher updates to come, I promise.
... there was no death caused by massive stick related trauma, but it was still cool.

Will be having withdrawal symptoms now as we can't really play next Thursday.



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