Jun. 10th, 2005 09:13 am
... anyone else have weird dreams last night? Or was it just me?
.. I too had an odd dream last night.

It was kinda crossed between Star Trek and Erdreja.

I definately remember being on a spaceship being attacked by Klingon Birds of Prey.

The beaming down to the surface of a planet - that looked at lot like a LRP site - and meeting some creatures (obviously people dressed as monster) who had people of ours as prisoners.

So instead of blasting them with phasers I negotiated a deal to get them back for 15 gold.

Beam back on board ship - collected 15 plastic gold coins, then went back to planet.

Most odd.
... was very Cthulhu-esque, possibly stemming from my desire for Dan to hurry up and sort out his game - must ask him about this, my over active imagination, and the fact that I got freaked out by the snake scene in Kill Bill.

Dream happened in an odd flashback way - there was me (well when I say me, it was the character who I was in the dream) in some Victorian style setting, me in a more modern setting studying the history of the flashbacks, but also being affected by the weirdness, and then me - the one having the dream and knowing it was a dream - what I mean by that was the me who was in the modern setting was terrified of the stuff happening to her but it wasn't a nightmare as I knew it was a dream in my dream.... bizarre.

Anyways the plot of it was to do with some girl who basically was trapped on a flat roof between two houses, who died there (froze to death), but who's ghost as haunting one of the houses - hers, she been shoved out there by her father.

In the flashbacks I was the sister of someone who was being affected by her somehow. We weren't living in her house, but the one next door. He kept catching glipses of her on flat roof.

I remember in one part this brother breaking into the other house and going up onto the flat roof. He then fell off and landed in front of me, the "sister" and died.

The me who was doing the research went on to find out more about the little girl (who seemed a bit Samara like), she was nuts and apparently being controlled by some Elder God type creature who lived in her cupboard I think. I do remember a bit about the researcher being in the house and the cupboard door flying open and there being a lot of tentacles (am sure this but was triggered by [livejournal.com profile] woodbrook's e-mail signature as it had stuck in my mind all day.

There was another bit that no matter where the researcher looked she kept on seeing snakes - which as I said should have made the dream a nightmare, as I am terrified of them, but as I knew it was happening to her and not to me, despite the fact she was me, it made it ok, and not scary.

I remember this bit looking in a mirror and her/my pony tail being a black snake - quite horrible.

Other details are kinda hazy now, killed off by meeting earlier.

I do love my dreams, they are usually very entertaining.
I did last night.

It was awful. I told the person who was in it about it, so won't go into detail about it on here in case they don't want me too.

Needless to say I am so glad the dream wasn't real, as I don't know what I'd do without the person.

*many hugs to you*



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