Currently I have: Lex, Amanda, Dave Y, Garrick and Sonja staying at mine.

Possibly I have more space - but others have asked and not got back to me about it (*looks at Dug & Chrissie*).

Could people get back to me asap on this otherwise space might be going to others.


Confirmed: Lex & Amanda (in spare room), Dave Y, Garrick, Sonja, Dug, Chrissie - that's 5 people in my living room - so probably have space for one more.


Oct. 3rd, 2005 10:49 am
Dan and I are off to Cardiff this weekend! :)


Auntie Em

May. 6th, 2005 10:01 am
Em came to visit last night, which was very cool.

I met up with her as I finished work and we tootled over to Frankie & Bennys to wait for Dan and Mattmatt to turn up.

Dan had got stuck on the M25 so by the time they turned up at 6.45 the two of us were starving.

It was v good to chat with her, I heard all about her wedding plans, and told her about my Cthulhu LRP intentions - she's interested in playing! Woot!

We ate lots of food, to the point of fullness, then Em had to head off to her hotel in Bedford.

Was a good evening, it's nice to have seen her outside of an LRP setting. :D
waywardh: (pengie)
.... actually it doesn't. It's just finished (*sob*), but in the effort to kid myself that I'm not back at work I'll bibble on about it here.

Friday's trip around the Galaxy )

Saturday = Preperation, Preperation, Preperation & Daleks )

Sunday = Pre Game Jitters )

It's a holiday in Carcosa, where people dress in yellow! * )

Monday = A trip to Dad's* )

So yes, a good weekend. Shame it's over.
Players will be: Dan, [ profile] woodbrook, [ profile] evilgood, [ profile] tadeous, [ profile] mab69,
[ profile] starfish_slayer, and [ profile] smells_funny.

Game will start at 5pm on Sunday (meaning we'll start playing then, so please try and get there before that time), and will finish when either you're all dead or the game has come to it's natural conclusion (as it's Cthulhu that's likely to be when you're all dead or gibbering from insanity).

The setting will be 1920's, but as I said before you won't need to give any thought to characters you'd like to play. Why, I hear you ask? (Well actually I don't hear you as this is my LJ and not me actually talking to you) - this is because you characters will start the game with near total amnesia.

As the game progresses you will learn more about yourselves and those others around you.

As said before I've never run CoC before, and I know some of you have never played it before, so it'll be a learning experience - if you want to buy the rulebook though the one I have is the Chaosium 6th Edition one (not the d20 knockoff).

Finally if you think you won't be able to play please let me know asap simly because I will be working out all the characters and their relationships before we start playing, and if one of you drops out it could mess things up. (No pressure there, no siree.)

Righty, any questions, e-mail me or ask on here. (Game related ones that is).
.... about Q&C.

1) Adrian blessing someone in the name of the Merchant instead of the Mother.

2) Gareth Young's spriggan attacking a shed with a two handed axe, yelling "Mayhem".

3) Playing "the game" on Saturday night.

For my cuz

Apr. 4th, 2005 11:16 am

Hope you are doing ok.
... just ate my entry about Q&C.

Am so sleepy, but will try and write it again.

It was a fantastic event - and that's an understatment.

It was really good, and my utmost thanks to all the players, monsters, refs etc who made it that way.

The plot was interesting all round, and I think I understood most of it, but it was really nice to have it all recapped by [ profile] kheeram at the end.

Am glad to have survived it, as it means I can take George to the main events, which I am now really looking forward to. Must also book for July event.

Am such a LRP junkie. :-D

So yes, fab weekend, fab friends, fab time.
.... *hugs*

Just because ;-)
.... perked up a bit when [ profile] evilgood and [ profile] woodbrook came round. I still wasn't feel fab so was glad the socialness just involved watching telly.

Watched Cassanova on BBC3, which was good, and am looking forward to seeing next one.

Annoyed I didn't spot what was wrong with my cuz, but I put that down to the fact that I was still stressing about [ profile] castorlion.

So now back at work, hopefully this week will go better.
Matt's doing fine. He's on Dan's computer, just round the corner from me andI can hear giggling.

He's either fine, or having some sort of truly bizarre seizure.

This means however that, assuming nothing else happens, we won't need to make a follow up trip to A&E.

People playing D&D with him tonight though, please don't keep him awake and out for too long, as he does need proper sleep.

Yes I know I'm being a nagging motherly type, but in this case it's warrented.

And if he wants a lift home he is allowed to ring me.


Mar. 11th, 2005 09:44 am
.... I am not at work due to what happened to my poor ickle [ profile] castorlion last night.

Needless to say I am livid about it all, and if I hadn't of been more concered with cleaning the dirt of Matt's face last night I'd have agreed with Dan's plan about going out and hunting the little bastards down.



Mar. 8th, 2005 10:01 am
Well my weekend was certainly action packed.

Friday night started off a bit more subdued but was still loads of fun. [ profile] woodbrook and I were super-nerds and watched X-Men and X2 back to back. Most fun.

Then on Saturday I tootled up to Solihul to see dearest cousin [ profile] elthorn. He and I collected [ profile] uncanic then went on a shopping trip around Birmingham. Managed to reign in the spending to a minimum, but did buy some X-Men stuff (see, am complete nerd).

Then Chris and I went back to Solihull to put Jeep to bed, then hopped on a train back to Brum centre. Went to a pub called the Gallows, where we were joined by [ profile] evil_chalkie, Sharon and various others.

About 10ish we went next door to a club called Edwards, where I proceeded to jump around the dance floor like a mad eegit until about 1.45am

Chris and I eventually departed said club and tried to get a taxi, we failed at doing that so Chris phoned his Dad who had offered to come get us if need be. Got back to Solihull, ate chips, drank 2 pints of water and eventually fell asleep around 4.30am.

Woke up very stiff and achey at 11.30 ish the next day. No hangover, just very tired.

Went out to lunch with, Chris, Nic, Dena, Sharon and her son, then eventually headed back home content that I'd had a good weekend....


.... then the exhaust fell off the car as I was driving down the M1.

Not good.

Pulled over to hard shoulder, not entirely sure where I was, with the exhaust hanging off the back of the car at a bizarre angle. So I phoned the AA. Became High Priority due to being a girl and alone.

Bugger me I was terrified. It was getting v dark, I was freezing, and all alone. So phoned home and proceeded to chat to everyone there to try and calm down. AA man turned up 25mins after calling which was good.

He pulled the loose exhaust off and had a look at car. Luckily it was drivable, but noisy as hell. So I once again resumed driving home. Rejoining the motorway from the hard shoulder was an experience too.

Got home an hour later than intended, knackered and miserable. Still decided to go to Dan's mums and went out to dinner with Dan, Ann and Andrew. Nearly fell asleep in curry.

Got home, went to bed. Got up Monday, still fuming so phoned up boss and asked for day's holiday, which he approved.

Now back at work and feeling better.

Another bloody mother's day over and done with, but still enjoyed the rest of the weekend massively up to that point. I will have to go again.


Sep. 4th, 2004 08:36 am
... the Gathering )

(Shameless plug! "Tipping the Scales" Healers Guild October event - 29th-31st October, Cuffley Outdoor Centre, Herts. We need players and monsters! See for more details or e-mail
... spent an enjoyable evening with Scott, Roo, Amanda, Lex and Mike, with Dan appearing now and then.

Mostly the evening was filled with frothing, chinese food, and booze, so very cool. We must do this again, but maybe without the belligerence. ;-)

Am off to play D&D tonight, then on Friday night I am playing in Mattmatt's Changeling LARP, am hopeful that I enjoy this more than the other UKCam venues I have tried before. (Excepting Mage, as didn't get chance to go that much so can't comment on it).

The rest of the weekend will be spent sorting out the Gathering stuff I need to do: IC paperwork, finding all the kit, lammies etc.

Am looking forward to a quiet weekend at home, it's been about 4-6 weeks since the last one. :-)
I wasn't when I woke up at 5.45am on Saturday morning, nor was I when we got on the MEGABUS (they're nuclear powered I tell ya!) at 7.50am at Victoria. I wasn't ready for the trip along the M4, it was way tooooo hot on the bus, but by the time we got to Bristol at 10.30am I was feeling a little more ready.

Dan and I met up with [ profile] silks_ic shortly after departing from the MEGABUS, and he was obviously a little worse for wear due to the previous nights drinking (damn car, I so wanted to be there Friday night). He told me to not be so happy to see him as it was affecting his hangover.

The three of us tootled around Bristol for a bit before ending up in a Weatherspoons for lunch. Mmmmmmm steak...
Part way through lunch I received a phone call from [ profile] kheeram asking where we were. He and the other chaps were progressing through their pub crawl and wanted us to come and join them. I did point out that I wasn't a girl, but the words "gaffa tape" and "strap on" were used which meant I could get past that problem.

Would have liked to have joined them earlier but was still very tired from having got up so early and was also aware of my limited finances, so we said we'd join them later. Felt quite happy about being invited along, as a pub crawl is far more my thing than sitting around drinking wine, eating chocolates, and wearing a face pack.

So we headed back to [ profile] silks_ic's house, via Tesco, and mooched their for a bit. Well when I say mooched, I actually fell asleep for about ah hour and a half due to being knackered. I woke up feeling much better, and proceeded to start drinking with the other two. We knew we'd not be able to catch up with the others, but it was nice to make a little head-way.

After eating we caught a bus into the city centre and caught up with everyone at The Eclipse. Ran into [ profile] marktoy who told me that I had been nominated the "responsible adult" for the evening, amusing considering I was one of the youngest there. I told him not to run with scissors but everything else was allowed.

Most of the blokes where decked out in white t-shirts, with the arms ripped off, and "God of Rock World Tour" written on them in marker pen. Then each had their nickname and other words of wisdom and what pubs they'd been to written on them. Then bumped into [ profile] maelgwyn, the best man and the one really responsbile for us all, who explained the "Are you ready to ROCK?" question and the appropriate response. [ profile] indykid saw fit to full explain the response to me later... ugh.

Whilst in The Eclipse the first horror of the evening occurred... I could cope with Elvis and Stef wearing the mullet wigs, what was a little hard to cope with was Elvis with a homemade white thong over his shorts... this image being bad enough, well things got worse later.

Eventually spotted the groom to be as he appeared from The Full Moon, in the midst of doing a sound check. Gareth's t-shirt was appropriately graffitied with "I R the Rock God!", he looked very happy which was a constant for the rest of the night... even when surrounded by gorillas... more on this later.

[ profile] curlwomble was obviously worse for wear, and couldn't remember my real name so kept on calling me Elani. Shortly after this Caroline, the bride to be, and the rest of the girls turned up, to a mixed reaction from the lads.

At this point [ profile] maelgwyn asked us to go into The Full Moon, as the band would be ready to start. The came on to the theme from the Muppet Show, and did about 5 songs. They were very cool, and there were appropriate gaps to embarrass Gareth and for [ profile] maelgwyn to lead most people in a chorus of "We're not worthy" whilst on their knees in front of the groom to be.

[ profile] curlwomble danced to the band in a similar way to a friend of ours called Lermit danced, and eventually he had to go home as the blood in his alcohol stream really couldn't cope any more. He was staying at [ profile] pauln's so was taken home by Paul who had been persecuted by the Sun a bit too much that day.

What followed was much drinking and dj-ing by [ profile] ephraim and two others who I don't know. Then a couple of hours later we were all called back inside [ profile] maelgwyn who proceeded to break his promise of not embarrasing either G or C. First torment was a McYokel song that obvious meant a lot to those former McYokels there. Then G & C were asked to sit on stage, whilst [ profile] maelgwyn told us that he had hired two of the most exotic erotic dancers he could find, Oook and Eeek. The familiar strains of "The Bad Touch" by the Bloodhound Gang started whilst the two Giant Gorilla came onto the stage and began to gyrate at the couple.

You had to be there to appreciate it, and if you weren't there, then just be thankful of that. :-)

Rest of the night followed the theme of drinking, dancing, drinking, frothing, drinking etc and repeat. I didn't get as drunk as I did the previous weekend, but that's because I didn't down a bottle of neat Archers. Nor did I head bang that much, simply because the pain of last week was still to fresh in my mind (how is your neck today [ profile] silks_ic?).

I did dance lots though as I do love to dance, [ profile] ephraim played many tracks that I've not heard in ages that reminded me of the Alt Nights we used to go to at Uni. Many thank yous to Rachel for the provakative dancing to some tracks and to Von Dave for dancing with me to Poison, the only other people dancing to it were couples and I would have felt such a lemon if he hadn't of danced with me.

Eventually about 1am ish Dan, [ profile] silks_ic and I got in a taxi and headed home. Am rather glad Dan lasted until after got out of the taxi before throwing up as there were signs in the taxi telling us that £30 would be added to charge if any "soiling" occurred. I sobered up very quickly so I could look after Dan, and eventually we all made it back to the house where sleep quickly followed.

The next day no one really fancied going out for breakfast, bar me, so I volunteered to cook breakfast for us all. One full breakfast later I was higher on the better house guest list than [ profile] evilgood as he only made bacon sandwiches, apparently the next time he is in Bristol he'll be doing a Sunday Roast.

We headed round to [ profile] kheeram, [ profile] indykid and Neill's house where others had stayed. We drank tea and were introduced to the music of Richard Cheese, very cool. Elvis, being the King that he is, had offered to give us a lift back to Hatfield so we didn't have to endure the MEGABUS again.

We got home about 5.30ish which was cool, and at about 7ish I fell asleep until 8.30. Not long after I woke up [ profile] woodbrook and [ profile] evilgood turned up and we watched Clueless. Was going to watch Solaris, but I didn't think my brain would be able to take it.

Went to sleep, got up, came to work... no boss here for a week! YAY!

All in all a good end to a brill weekend.

... booked for Bristol tomorrow morning at an unsociable hour. Means we'll get there for 11.30 though.

Stupid broken car.


Ah well, at least we'll still be able to make it, as opposed to not at all.
... is broken.

We're now looking for alternative ways to get to Bristol tonight.

But we will be there!
What a fab weekend! Am still so tired and achy, but so happy too.

I had sooooo much fun.

Dan and I had Friday off, which was spent frantically tidying the house in preparation for the fact we were to be having loads of people sleep on our living room floor. Then we went to Tesco and bought all the BBQ meat we could fit in our fridge.

When we got back we finished tidying (hiding stuff in places to make it look tidy) and the waited around for people to turn up.

[ profile] gsw arrived first, after spending 20mins or so ringing the doorbell of 14 Cobmead, as opposed to 14 Strawmead where we actually live. Followed by [ profile] woodbrook, [ profile] silks_ic, [ profile] snoj, [ profile] fourmyle and Andy Kendall (sans LJ I believe?), not necessarily in that order.

We stayed up chatting in the garden until about 3.30am before turning in in anticipation of the next day’s activities.

Quite typically I couldn’t sleep. Was far too hyped up about the fact it was my birthday and that we were going to London Zoo to see Penguins! Yes I am aware that the Zoo has other animals, but none that are as important as penguins!

Eventually though a group of us headed off into London, some choosing to go and shop in Camden while the rest of us went to the zoo. Well not long after getting in I was stood in front of the Penguins, unable to move due to happiness of seeing Penguins. They were sooooo cute!

Then the embarrassment started, the Keeper asked the audience where Helen, who was celebrating her 25th birthday was. Of course I had to wave to everyone, and then tried to find out which of my friends I had to kill…. [ profile] snoj was the culprit, but the need to kill her quickly was replaced by euphoria when I discovered she had arranged for me to go in the enclosure with the Penguins.

It was amazing! Everyone assumed I had touched a penguin before but I hadn’t. I was just so overcome with happiness it was silly. One stood on my foot for ages, whilst another pecked my knee (wish I could keep the bruise!), they are just so soft, like cuddly toys, and so lovely.

I couldn’t stop smiling for ages, my face actually started to hurt. Still smiling about it actually.

Eventually though we had to head back to Hatfield so I could be at the hall for 7.30 to pick up the key. Getting back home we found [ profile] kheeram, [ profile] overload74, Neill (sans LJ) and others waiting for us. A water pistol fight broke out, both inside and outside of the house.

Went over to the hall, and everyone else arrived shortly after. There was loads of us, I am told at least 50, most outside due to it being way too hot. I got drunk… very very drunk, but had a fab time dancing to music and socialising. Got sung to by everyone, and given cake. Got many cool pressies too, and was still on my Penguin high.

Oh and for those who couldn’t remember, we did the Conga to Firestarter.

Was so drunk by end that seeing had become an issue, as had shoes. Tried to stay awake when I got home but just couldn’t, so after taking out my contact lenses I passed out on my bed.

Apparently I drunk two pints of water before going to bed, and had another pint whilst in bed, although I did pour some of that over my head due to it being too hot, then another 2 when I got up which may explain why I didn’t have too bad a hangover.

Loads of us pilled over to McDonalds for breakfast, then came back home to wait until we were hungry enough to start the BBQ. Sunday was very hot, and so a number of us hid in the house where it was cooler, and others tried to find the remaining shade in the garden.

Much frothing and the eating of BBQ meat followed until eventually people started to drift back to their various homes.

I went to bed at 9.40pm that night, as was so tired.

It was such a great weekend though. Thanks to everyone who came, I had a fantastic time, and it was great to see everyone.

It’s a birthday I’m not going to forget.



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