Taken from [livejournal.com profile] dragonzgrace's journal:

Due to circumstances beyond our control the Harts event “The Ties that Bind”
Will no longer be held at Kibblestone.

The new site for the event will be Stockwood LRP site in Gloucester
Detail of the where the site is can be found here

Please pass this around to any one it might effect

Currently I have: Lex, Amanda, Dave Y, Garrick and Sonja staying at mine.

Possibly I have more space - but others have asked and not got back to me about it (*looks at Dug & Chrissie*).

Could people get back to me asap on this otherwise space might be going to others.


Confirmed: Lex & Amanda (in spare room), Dave Y, Garrick, Sonja, Dug, Chrissie - that's 5 people in my living room - so probably have space for one more.


Sep. 1st, 2005 10:37 am
Well and there passes my first Gathering as a player again, after three years NPCing.

It was great! Made that way by having amazing friends and being so busy. I was really concerned about finding my feet as a player again - that I'd go from being an over-active NPC to a player with nothing to do. That so wasn't the case, and I never really stopped being busy.

Thanks to everyone, and a huge hug to [livejournal.com profile] sdar! You'll do fab!

Harts Event

Aug. 1st, 2005 09:54 am
Well that was a lot of fun.

It started out a bit confusing, but then hit a high point and kept on going. Am exhausted.

Will try and write more at some stage, but too sleepy now (an technically should do some work).


Oh and Dan finds out if he's being offered the Bristol job today.
Important Notice
Dear Harts Players,

Due to circumstances beyond ou control we have had the site for Serving the Hunter cancelled!

Never fear!!! With some amazing stroke of luck we have managed to book another site on extremely short notice and Serving the Hunter will now be held at Cuffley. The event pages of this website have been updated with a new map and directions.

We realise this may not be as convenient for some of our players and crew. We can only apologise for this but unfortunately the only other choice was to cancel the event which we dont want to do.

If anyone has any difficulties please contact us on 0208 4388276 (between 7-10pm only) or e-mail ServingtheHunter@yahoogroups.com

We thank you for your understanding and co-operation.

Hart Command

P.S. As a knock-on effect from the change of site we've opened player bookings again. If anyone wants to book they should get a copy of the form on-line, complete it electronically and email it to ServingtheHunter@yahoogroups.com, as unfortunately posted forms may well not arrive in time. Alternatively just send an email with all the info from the booking form and you can complete a form at the event.

P.P.S. Now we're at a site with indoor accomodation crew will be notified by the end of today (22/07/2005) if they have been allocated a bunk space.


Apr. 15th, 2005 01:11 pm
Decision made.

I will be playing CoG - as George though, not as Elani.
To CoG or not to CoG? That is the question.

Basically, I could go to CoG. Or I could go get pissed at a St George's day party.

I am likely to spend less money going to CoG than going to the party, but the party does sound like lots of fun.

I don't really need to go to CoG, am just a LARP junkie.

Decisions, decisions.
.... about Q&C.

1) Adrian blessing someone in the name of the Merchant instead of the Mother.

2) Gareth Young's spriggan attacking a shed with a two handed axe, yelling "Mayhem".

3) Playing "the game" on Saturday night.
... just ate my entry about Q&C.

Am so sleepy, but will try and write it again.

It was a fantastic event - and that's an understatment.

It was really good, and my utmost thanks to all the players, monsters, refs etc who made it that way.

The plot was interesting all round, and I think I understood most of it, but it was really nice to have it all recapped by [livejournal.com profile] kheeram at the end.

Am glad to have survived it, as it means I can take George to the main events, which I am now really looking forward to. Must also book for July event.

Am such a LRP junkie. :-D

So yes, fab weekend, fab friends, fab time.
This event is a bit short of monsters. If anyone reading this isn't already involved in the event in some way, please consider crewing it. If you're already coming, bully your mates into attending. Details at http://www.hartsofalbion.org.uk/events/queenandcountry/

A bandwagon, but a cool one.

Went to a party at weekend.

Good: Am going to be a bridesmaid and organise hen party
Bad: Never been to wedding nor organised party ever before

Good: Going to sort out the Greenwood problem
Bad: Brother going to die in year and a day if we don't

Good: Tried to be friendly to visitor
Bad: Visitor under impression am rabid murderer

Good: Met boy from my dream
Bad: Found out all his family still alive, but going to die soon as in dream

Good: Realised boy was actually Hwyt Draga
Bad: Didn't realise until on way home

Good: Learnt more about demonology
Bad: Hair seems to have turned more black, possibly developing a white streak too

Actually that last bit isn't so bad, as will look mysterious. Go me.


Feb. 13th, 2005 01:00 pm
Helen really enjoyed it, George didn't. At all.

Started off well, with a good group meeting, then went rapidly downhill, despite a couple of pick-me-ups in the forms of learning a bit more demonology stuff and being asked to be a maid of honour and plan a hen night.

But they failed dismally in bringing me out of the slump that was predicting the deaths of someone's entire family, facing the possibility of loosing my brother in a year and a day, and then finding out that people think you are a murderer.


[livejournal.com profile] nortysarah, Imogen throws the worst parties ever! ;-)


Oct. 25th, 2004 09:02 am
Harts events was brilliant. I had a fab time and really enjoyed it (even if I did twist my ankle on the Sunday).

A massive thank you to all the NPC's, organisers, monsters, players (especially the members of Hwyt Draga who went), for allowing me to have another fun time playing with the Harts.

I'll probably write more, once I've finished my Slaser write up, which I am doing today.
"Tipping the Scales" Healers Guild October event - 29th-31st October, Cuffley Outdoor Centre, Herts.

Doing well on players, won't turn them away though so keep on booking to play.

Do need need monsters though, so please nag your mates to come too!

See http://www.geocities.com/waddle_thepenguin/scales.html for more details or e-mail healersguildevents@postmaster.co.uk

And here's some other events you may be interested in:

Eve of Winters WOLF EVENT

Date: Friday, the 1st to Sunday, the 3rd of October, 2004AD. Place: Cuffley Outdoor Centre, just north of the M25/A1 junction Cost:
Players: Before 24th of September, 2004 35.00 pounds
less discount if qualifying.
Monsters: Free, fed & bed - but you must book.


Beneath the Remains VIPER EVENT
7th - 9th October 1104
The Viper Faction's next event, Beneath the Ruins, will take place on this weekend at Candleston in South Wales.


Harts of Albion present HARTS EVENT
Ghosts of Old
The Harts Council 1104
Part I of the Blood of Kings Campaign

Cuffley Outdoor Centre
Friday 22nd of October to Sunday 24th of October 2004



Sep. 4th, 2004 08:36 am
... the Gathering )

(Shameless plug! "Tipping the Scales" Healers Guild October event - 29th-31st October, Cuffley Outdoor Centre, Herts. We need players and monsters! See http://www.geocities.com/waddle_thepenguin/scales.html for more details or e-mail healersguildevents@postmaster.co.uk)


Aug. 2nd, 2004 07:03 pm
I had soooooo much fun!

So many highlights, no low points. All so good!

Could get quite used to being the shouty unarmoured woman. :-)

Moot two...

Jul. 5th, 2004 02:04 pm
....... I had such a good time.

I actually enjoyed all the event, obviously some bits more than others, but it feels very good to finally have figured out what I am doing.

Elani/NPC Highlights include:

The meeting with Welfare Friday morning.

Several things I can't discuss on here, due to being Guild Plot related, but I do hope those people it affected had fun too.

Being knocked out by Hope due to being enthalled by what looked like a member of my family.

Playing dead in a heap with [livejournal.com profile] sdar,[livejournal.com profile] snoj and others when we were surrounded by monsters.

Double-teaming with the Blodwyn when there was far too much decay going on.

Ermmmm, am sure there is more, but can't remember them all now.

George Highlights:

Finally using some spell cards

Finding out exactly how much trouble a single white rose can cause

Being the mad little sister chaperoned by the mad story fae

Going in the casino for the first time (not the first time for some of the others I was with!), and finishing with twice we started with.

Being convinced to play DALD instead of monster.

Bad influencing, scheming, and coming to an understanding. The eventual convincing is going to be interesting too.

And again, am sure there is more, but am still very tired.

Bad points - stupid peppers, stupid allergy.

We got home a bit after nine, which was pretty good going, but the having to get up early this morning hasn't helped. Stupid work.
Well the first moot was definitely interesting to say the least. For a start I didn't get there until midday on Saturday due to being at a wedding the day before (I may post more on that later), and wasn't really looking forward to it. Was feeling really down about Dan not coming as well.

So I got there, got IC and found out that quite a bit had happened in my absence and things continued to move on at a rapid pace until 3 NPC's had been killed and a load more players had gone also. Due to how manic things got we pulled our plot for the rest of Saturday which left us at a bit of a loose end.

So about 11.30ish I went off and changed into Georgiana's kit and headed up to the Harts.

The atmosphere changed considerably once I got there. The tension that was everywhere else in Locko was decidely absent, and it was nice to find that the Harts and the Dragons weren't as worked up as everyone else.

I spent a good few hours there, particulary talking to Thenni and Osric about their intended wedding, and to Thenni about all the Fae stuff she was involved in. I also had a good chat with Bleys, but then he disappeared, rubbish man. ;-)

Eventually though I had to go to bed as I wanted to get to the meeting in the morning..... which was..... interesting.

Sunday was then spent in a stress as a lot of the emphasis of the Sunday had been put on the Guild, due to the Plane of Life going swirly.

Was off site by about 5pm and home just after 8pm, which was fantastic.

I am absoultely knackered today though, so I think I'll try and get next Monday off as will have to do takedown next week.
My kit for my new secondary arrived yesterday, so when I got home yesterday I felt it necessary to try it all on.

The skirt is far too long, it's probably fine for RenFaire's but not fine for fields, but apart from that it's lovely.

Ended up wearing it around the house for a bit while waiting for Dan to get home so he could see it. Made Matt feel very under-dressed whilst we watched TV. :-)
... am still rather stunned, and to be honest disappointed as I really liked playing Charlotte with all the lads around.

Still the quality of rp will always be fab with that lot so I shall start my next secondary with them. As I've said Elani will always be able to go to Viper events, and I see my Viper mates quite a bit - it's nice to be able to hang out with my Harts mates.

Will write more later... am so broken right now.



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