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"Just wanted to echo in case some people have not seen it:

Please come to our Tavern night. It'll be cool, and you can chat to all those people that you need to and catch up with even OOC if you want to. It's the 4th of Feb. And everyone's Invited. A nice, quiet Roleplay event, to bring you up to speed for the up and coming LT year (which promises to be the most exciting year...ever)


Bunks still available (and advisable. It'll be cool.)

We would be most grateful if people could post this message on any LARP related boards or forward onto as many people as possible etc, etc.

For those who have booked, drag along anyone who is willing and just hit the unwilling people and drag them anyways. "
.... a great success. People kept telling me that they'd had a fantastic time, and I only heard two grumbles - one of which was justified and I agreed with totally.

Good success for the Guild, we made a lot of money, we've dealt with a majot plot line, and the event was really good.

Am exhausted though, and have no voice.

Am martyr for cause.

*head slumps on keyboard*
"Tipping the Scales" Healers Guild October event - 29th-31st October, Cuffley Outdoor Centre, Herts.

Doing well on players, won't turn them away though so keep on booking to play.

Do need need monsters though, so please nag your mates to come too!

See http://www.geocities.com/waddle_thepenguin/scales.html for more details or e-mail healersguildevents@postmaster.co.uk

And here's some other events you may be interested in:

Eve of Winters WOLF EVENT

Date: Friday, the 1st to Sunday, the 3rd of October, 2004AD. Place: Cuffley Outdoor Centre, just north of the M25/A1 junction Cost:
Players: Before 24th of September, 2004 35.00 pounds
less discount if qualifying.
Monsters: Free, fed & bed - but you must book.


Beneath the Remains VIPER EVENT
7th - 9th October 1104
The Viper Faction's next event, Beneath the Ruins, will take place on this weekend at Candleston in South Wales.


Harts of Albion present HARTS EVENT
Ghosts of Old
The Harts Council 1104
Part I of the Blood of Kings Campaign

Cuffley Outdoor Centre
Friday 22nd of October to Sunday 24th of October 2004


Coming to play or monster?

Please send me your forms asap. :-)



Sep. 4th, 2004 08:36 am
... the Gathering )

(Shameless plug! "Tipping the Scales" Healers Guild October event - 29th-31st October, Cuffley Outdoor Centre, Herts. We need players and monsters! See http://www.geocities.com/waddle_thepenguin/scales.html for more details or e-mail healersguildevents@postmaster.co.uk)

Moot two...

Jul. 5th, 2004 02:04 pm
....... I had such a good time.

I actually enjoyed all the event, obviously some bits more than others, but it feels very good to finally have figured out what I am doing.

Elani/NPC Highlights include:

The meeting with Welfare Friday morning.

Several things I can't discuss on here, due to being Guild Plot related, but I do hope those people it affected had fun too.

Being knocked out by Hope due to being enthalled by what looked like a member of my family.

Playing dead in a heap with [livejournal.com profile] sdar,[livejournal.com profile] snoj and others when we were surrounded by monsters.

Double-teaming with the Blodwyn when there was far too much decay going on.

Ermmmm, am sure there is more, but can't remember them all now.

George Highlights:

Finally using some spell cards

Finding out exactly how much trouble a single white rose can cause

Being the mad little sister chaperoned by the mad story fae

Going in the casino for the first time (not the first time for some of the others I was with!), and finishing with twice we started with.

Being convinced to play DALD instead of monster.

Bad influencing, scheming, and coming to an understanding. The eventual convincing is going to be interesting too.

And again, am sure there is more, but am still very tired.

Bad points - stupid peppers, stupid allergy.

We got home a bit after nine, which was pretty good going, but the having to get up early this morning hasn't helped. Stupid work.
Well the first moot was definitely interesting to say the least. For a start I didn't get there until midday on Saturday due to being at a wedding the day before (I may post more on that later), and wasn't really looking forward to it. Was feeling really down about Dan not coming as well.

So I got there, got IC and found out that quite a bit had happened in my absence and things continued to move on at a rapid pace until 3 NPC's had been killed and a load more players had gone also. Due to how manic things got we pulled our plot for the rest of Saturday which left us at a bit of a loose end.

So about 11.30ish I went off and changed into Georgiana's kit and headed up to the Harts.

The atmosphere changed considerably once I got there. The tension that was everywhere else in Locko was decidely absent, and it was nice to find that the Harts and the Dragons weren't as worked up as everyone else.

I spent a good few hours there, particulary talking to Thenni and Osric about their intended wedding, and to Thenni about all the Fae stuff she was involved in. I also had a good chat with Bleys, but then he disappeared, rubbish man. ;-)

Eventually though I had to go to bed as I wanted to get to the meeting in the morning..... which was..... interesting.

Sunday was then spent in a stress as a lot of the emphasis of the Sunday had been put on the Guild, due to the Plane of Life going swirly.

Was off site by about 5pm and home just after 8pm, which was fantastic.

I am absoultely knackered today though, so I think I'll try and get next Monday off as will have to do takedown next week.


Apr. 28th, 2004 05:34 pm
So that was CoG )then.


Apr. 20th, 2004 05:26 pm
... is upon us again.

Shame it's the same weekend as Nos Kalan Mai, but that's sod's law for you.

I just hope this gives me the kickstart I need.
I have having issues trying to decide who to go as to the Incantors event that's coming up.

I could go as either Elani or Charlotte, as I don't think they'd let me play Snake at it. :-)

Comments, bribes, suggestions for who as I should go as greatly appreciated.
... is in exactly 7 days.

And I think we are doing ok. I am putting finishing touches to guides, then need to do briefs for people, and sort out other niggling pieces of paper work.

Am hoping the other stuff that I can't do is being sorted. Am worried because Dave is ill with a throat infection, and this might have an impact on the event.

Have lots of people telling me they are coming, but some of them I have no idea who they are. Which is cool.

This is going to be fine (and so much better than NSNR!)


Aug. 4th, 2003 03:26 pm
.... was good but knackering.

I got what I wanted to do done, except for all the paperwork that Rob managed to leave at his house. Grrrr.

Dan and Dave have both bought airsofting guns, so were acting like a pair of children for part of the day. The battery for Dave's gun didn't charge until 4.30am Sunday, so I got woken up by the two of them mucking about in Dave's garden. Idiots.

We went to the Flugtag on Sunday, but Hyde Park was so horribly heaving and hot we didn't stay long. We did see a few entrants, including Bill's Pig, which came 3rd in the end.
The Muppet's one was amazing though.

Had another LRP related dream on Saturday night, can't remember it very well. It was set, however, in that tavern from the first Baldur's Gate game, the Friendly Arm in, or it was atleast like it.

Can't remember much else, except some people turning into nasty skeleton things, very odd.
Can tell it's getting close to the Gathering.
Have a busy weekend ahead of me, it's the Guild's "Buildathon" Weekend, where we try and figure out if we can achive the impossible for this years Gathering.

On Sunday though Dan and I are skiving for a bit to go the the Red Bull Flugtag at Hyde Park. I quite like the idea of whatching people hurl themselves into the Serpentine on silly homemade flying machines.



Jul. 2nd, 2003 11:22 am
Firstly, thanks to all who were nice about my job loss. I am a great deal happier about it all now. As [livejournal.com profile] kheeram said I would have gone mental with all the stress in about a months time or so.

Am having a rest week with some job searching and will begin in earnest next week.

But anyway, lets talk about Moot 2 )

Then of course I got up horribly early on Monday morning, only to not even make it into the main part of the office and got told I wasn't required anymore.

Ah well.

Moot One

Jun. 23rd, 2003 12:58 pm
Well what a weekend.

Frirstly from an OOC POV it was good, much better that the Games, but from an IC POV: it was rubbish!

IC I lost another 4 close friends, bringing the total up to 7 so far this year. Firstly I lost my "Little One", Terry Downpour which really knocked me for six as Elani. Then Condor died the next day on what could only really be called a suicide mission, as I understand it 15 people went and only 4 survived.

I was pretty miserable by that point in character and then word reaches the Guild that the Harts are getting horribly hammered by Demons. So we all peg it up there to help the Harts out.

As that fight draws to a close I get told that Chi is dead, and my jaw just dropped open. Sol come dashing up to me and firmly orders me to return to the Guild and sit in the Tranquillity Tent, I assume that was because he thought I didn't know and wanted to break the news to me in there.

Sadly I did know, and when that information was coupled with the fact that Prague had been destroyed Elani decided she had enough and couldn't cope. So she went home while I reffed for the rest of the evening.

I came back IC about an hour before the main Sunday fight, just as all the Vipers were leaving, and decided to get as involved as I possibly could int he fight without placing myself in serious danger.

Then of course Leren died. Well more than just died, he had his pattern destroyed by that bloody Jackal ancestor. So that evening Elani went off to Silver Falls to attend Leren's cremation.

Low points included:

Rubbish roleplayers doing the "oh I am here IC, but I'm OOC now so I can chat with so-and-so.
Too many deaths.
[livejournal.com profile] castorlion being unhappy. HUGE HUGS!
Not getting to see as many people as I would like to off. Had no idea Lyn was there until Saturday afternoon, and did not have the time to go and chat with him. Also there were others who I would have liked to have been able to talk with for longer, but just did not have the time.
Organisational issues.

High Points included:

Finding out that Evil is just a gullible as Good can be.
Going into complete rant mode as Elani over too many deaths.
Marshalling Jane the Banshee who was controlled by the DI's and sent into the Mages Guild to scream at them.
Talking with [livejournal.com profile] kheeram and [livejournal.com profile] castorlion in the Harts camp Saturday night. I think the phrases "speaking of gay icons" and "idealistic, but gay" will stick in my head from now on. Didn't stay in the Harts for as long as last time left at 3am instead of 5.30am.
Ian - best Lich ever!
The fact out tent looked so good, and we had a fridge in it!
Shouting "Mass Fear Rank X" at inappropriate moments.
Causing havoc to Slow Dave's ritual.
And no doubt a lot lot more.

Next one is going to be interesting. Dave S and I are going to have to set up the Guild on our own on Friday as neither Dave nor Rob will be there until late Friday night.

Sometimes wish there was a gap in between the Moots.
Went to Terroar's (Dave) 21st birthday party on the Friday and I have to admit I didn't really want too go. Not because of the party, the day of the week, but for one specific reason. Those who know me know what that was.

I got very very drunk on Archers (a whole bottle of the Lime flavour) and Smirnoff Ice (6 of them).

Went to bed at about 3.30am, but only slept for half hour stints due to Paranoia. Seems that Jason, Rych and Lee had invented a new game, which involves balancing things on sleeping people. Well once they were bored doing this downstairs they thought they'd try it on Dan and I sleeping in the spare room. Well Dan at any rate as they couldn't reach me.

Well they assumed we were both asleep, and Dan was, but I scared the crap out of them when I asked them what they were doing. I got a plastic pint glass thrown at me for my trouble too.

Then a while later I heard 1 person in the room, trying to be so quiet, and failing as theywere sniggering. It was Jason.

So quite calmly I said, "I am awake Jason." To which he moaned about me ruining his game and then he left. Nothing else happened, but I just kept waking up, until we finally got up around 10ish.

Got back to Hatfield about 11.30 and it wasn't long before, Dave, Rob, Dave, Lex and Pete turned up for the plot meeting.
The meeting was very productive and we got everything done for the Moots finally, paperwork is all done too.

We finally stopped closed to midnight, and watched Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets, which I had bought on Friday with money I had won on work's lottery. Finally went to bed close to 3am again.

Got up about 10ish, we went out for breakfast, then did a site walk of Harmergreen so everyone could see it. Then we had lunch, then people drifted off home.

Spent the rest of the day typing up plot encounters, before eventually finishing and playing computer games.

Then had a good chat with [livejournal.com profile] kheeram about his weekend, after that I did very little until I went to bed.

Need more sleep.
"I must say that I have met more Vipers in the healers guild than any other faction. And not one of them has turned out to be the stereotype so often portrayed by my own faction. I'm glad that the guild has allowed me to see that every faction has it's good and bad peoples."

I am so chuffed.
Still don't know if/when Dave is getting to games.

Have looked through plot and am confident I can run it by myself, with help from Rob and Doug when I need it.

The only disaster I think of if Dave doesn't get there is that we won't have any space for us, as he's got the Party Tent, and will have to be stuck in main tent.

Have all paperwork, both IC and OOC. Actually that's a lie, don't have all IC paperwork.. Dave has some and might not be printed. Ah well.

I can do this. I'm really hoping I don't have to, but I think I can do this without Dave.

*finger crossed*

Ow! Cramp in fingers!


May. 21st, 2003 11:17 pm
Didn't have time to finish kit. :-(

Skirt is done though.

On a plus note.. have finished all paperwork for Games.



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