Taken from [livejournal.com profile] dragonzgrace's journal:

Due to circumstances beyond our control the Harts event “The Ties that Bind”
Will no longer be held at Kibblestone.

The new site for the event will be Stockwood LRP site in Gloucester
Detail of the where the site is can be found here

Please pass this around to any one it might effect

Ends, Friends, & Fire (in response to http://elani.livejournal.com/302806.html)

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waywardh: (elani)
"Just wanted to echo in case some people have not seen it:

Please come to our Tavern night. It'll be cool, and you can chat to all those people that you need to and catch up with even OOC if you want to. It's the 4th of Feb. And everyone's Invited. A nice, quiet Roleplay event, to bring you up to speed for the up and coming LT year (which promises to be the most exciting year...ever)


Bunks still available (and advisable. It'll be cool.)

We would be most grateful if people could post this message on any LARP related boards or forward onto as many people as possible etc, etc.

For those who have booked, drag along anyone who is willing and just hit the unwilling people and drag them anyways. "


Jan. 16th, 2006 10:22 am
My car got clamped last night. Was most annoying, but sadly accurate. Didn't have any cash in my account to cover it, so a huge thanks to Neill and Paul for helping out.

Star Wars was good fun, next one should be interesting, need to find out if Darren and Elle are going to be there before I can say if I am going - unless I get ordered from on high to be so.

Weekend was ok, Friday night I was knackered and that carried over to most of Saturday, spent Saturday night playing boardgames with Linda, Sarah and Marc, then Sunday daytime we went to 'Collectors World'.
An odd place in which an old rich, eccentric has stored all the stuff he's collected over the years - including the world's largest collection of tie pins and padlocks. He also had Little Nelly from the James Bond film. Very odd.


Dec. 2nd, 2005 09:28 am
12 weekends gone to LT and Maelstrom already, and it's not even Jan 1st yet.
Currently I have: Lex, Amanda, Dave Y, Garrick and Sonja staying at mine.

Possibly I have more space - but others have asked and not got back to me about it (*looks at Dug & Chrissie*).

Could people get back to me asap on this otherwise space might be going to others.


Confirmed: Lex & Amanda (in spare room), Dave Y, Garrick, Sonja, Dug, Chrissie - that's 5 people in my living room - so probably have space for one more.
A number of people saw my last post and have since contact me about it - currently I know the following: it'll probably run monthly in London, in a pub, and is meant to start early next year. Currently there are several places you can find out info:

[livejournal.com profile] davedevil is on of the GM's for it, and his journal has the posts that have been put up on the LJ community Neverwhere Live and at the forums.

By reading the info there you are up to speed with me. Currently they are asking for players to e-mail them and claim and area of London they are interested in.

I've asked for the Barbican and if you are interested in running round in a group with me, e-mail me at waddle_thepenguin at yahoo dot co dot uk and I'll tell you my wacky ideas.

There are others asking for people to join up with them in [livejournal.com profile] davedevil's LJ.

Any more questions - best to e-mail the neverwhere e-mail given in the above links - you don't have to mention my name. ;)
You have sparked off yet more of my keeness factor.

Not only am I all enthused about Star Wars, I have also e-mailed off my first ideas for the Neverwhere LRP too!

Talk about burning the candle at both ends - I'm knackered, and have a stupidly busy week ahead of me.

Was a good weekend though. Dan and I were up until 4.30am Friday night playing WoW - only reason we were on so late is because I had started making my Lekku, and needed to wait for the latex layers to dry.

Consequentially got up late-ish on Saturday, pottered about doing more on the tails, re-dying my hair red, and playing WoW - then stayed up silly late (3.30am) again whilst Dan did some paintwork on them.

Sunday I got up earlier, convinced that the Star Wars game started at 1pm, found out that it didn't start until 7pm, which was a bit annoying as I had to cancel plans I'd made with [livejournal.com profile] nortysarah - really sorry Sarah!

Didn't do much on Sunday, except find stuff for the game, then about an hour before going to get [livejournal.com profile] reindeerflotila I got the worst headache. Finally found some drugs about 10 mins before, so took them and headed out hoping it would go - I'd spent most of the weekend making the damn Lekku there was no way I was going to miss it.

Got to game after a smooth journey into London (I decided to drive all the way in), and after a pint of coke the headache started to fade. Was struck by severe self-consciousness when in make up and with the Lekku on my head, but managed to leave girls loos and integrate with the others.

Soon got over my fear when I had loads of positive comments head on me, and got XP award for costume before time in was even called. Game was a lot of fun, lots of politics (like Vampire only less fangs and blood) and a good laugh. I didn't do or say much as I was finding my feet - but I will go again.

Got a bit concerned on the drive back that my GPS was trying to abduct me - by leading me south over the river, instead of north, but eventually it got me home. It turned out it was set to avoid the congestion charge areas, which is why it took us the long weird way.

Got home at 12.30, crashed out by 1am.

This week I am out every night - Monday to Wednesday is the Dress/Tech Rehearsals, then Thursday to Saturday is the Performances, finally Sunday is take down.

I want a rest!


Nov. 12th, 2005 02:35 pm
Well who'd have thought making lekku would be so tricky.

The tails themselves are made, and about to be painted blue - then someone how I need to get them to stay on my head in something that looks IC.


*goes to find leather offcuts*
Considering monstering the Viper event, but can't get there?

Get in touch as I have space in my car as it's just me going. I'm not taking a tent, so might have room for 2 people.

[livejournal.com profile] adze was it you who asked me for a lift?


Hmmm, Dan might still be going afterall - will hopefully know by end of day.
From the journal of [livejournal.com profile] tadeous
"In a week and a half I'm running a vipers event in Leicestershire. Right now I don't have enough crew. If I can get enough crew then the event will be cracking.

If there is any chance of you being able to make it to a small campsite just north of hinckley on the 4-6th November. then please let us know at viperplot@gmail.com . More complete details are available from www.viperfaction.org.uk (when it works).

I really think it will be a good event to crew. I'd personally hate to be playing it. Come along. Bring your friends. Let us know, and I will see you there for murdering vipers."

Come and monster people!

And please note Simon said you only need murder Vipers, and other factional attendees please leave alone! :)


Sep. 22nd, 2005 02:25 pm
There's an event running the same weekend as the Harts event that I want to go to!

And no it's not the Lions or the Bears one it's this: http://www.horaeonline.net/planc/

Oh well, hopefully they'll run another one.
Gathering 1105 opening speeches - with subtitiles - takes a long down to download if you haven't got broadband - but it's well worth the wait!



Sep. 1st, 2005 10:37 am
Well and there passes my first Gathering as a player again, after three years NPCing.

It was great! Made that way by having amazing friends and being so busy. I was really concerned about finding my feet as a player again - that I'd go from being an over-active NPC to a player with nothing to do. That so wasn't the case, and I never really stopped being busy.

Thanks to everyone, and a huge hug to [livejournal.com profile] sdar! You'll do fab!


Aug. 15th, 2005 10:29 am
Bloody hell.

What an absolutely spiffing event.

I survived, didn't "win" but that didn't matter as I have never had so much fun!

I hurt all over, I can't stop talking like a toff and have to stop myself from calling people 'dahling', and am shattered, but am so happy.

Got home far to late to do a write up, will attempt one later, but work is promising to be a bastard today, and I have to go to my Dad's tonight.

Woot! I want to do it again!


Aug. 11th, 2005 01:58 pm

It's this weekend!!!


I think I have everything sorted now, am borrowing bits and bobs off of people too. Dyed my hair red last night, so that's done.

Just need to go home and pack, then head off to Cardiff to see Mindy and Lex.

Dear all,
Unfortunately one of our players has been unexpectedly
diverted to Norway.
So we have a spare player space going - to take on the
role of Laurent Barbutier, famed French film director. It's
an absolute gift of a role to play, as long as you can
manage the obligatory French accent.
We're pricing this at the cheaper rate of £48.72, because
we'd really like someone to fill the role.
So if you know of anyone who might be up for it, please
tell them to get in touch as soon as possible. They won't be
able to book through the site - they'll need to get directly
in touch. We'll get straight back to them with booking pack
and details.

Pass it on!

The Crooked House Team (event@crookedhouse.org)

Harts Event

Aug. 1st, 2005 09:54 am
Well that was a lot of fun.

It started out a bit confusing, but then hit a high point and kept on going. Am exhausted.

Will try and write more at some stage, but too sleepy now (an technically should do some work).


Oh and Dan finds out if he's being offered the Bristol job today.
Important Notice
Dear Harts Players,

Due to circumstances beyond ou control we have had the site for Serving the Hunter cancelled!

Never fear!!! With some amazing stroke of luck we have managed to book another site on extremely short notice and Serving the Hunter will now be held at Cuffley. The event pages of this website have been updated with a new map and directions.

We realise this may not be as convenient for some of our players and crew. We can only apologise for this but unfortunately the only other choice was to cancel the event which we dont want to do.

If anyone has any difficulties please contact us on 0208 4388276 (between 7-10pm only) or e-mail ServingtheHunter@yahoogroups.com

We thank you for your understanding and co-operation.

Hart Command

P.S. As a knock-on effect from the change of site we've opened player bookings again. If anyone wants to book they should get a copy of the form on-line, complete it electronically and email it to ServingtheHunter@yahoogroups.com, as unfortunately posted forms may well not arrive in time. Alternatively just send an email with all the info from the booking form and you can complete a form at the event.

P.P.S. Now we're at a site with indoor accomodation crew will be notified by the end of today (22/07/2005) if they have been allocated a bunk space.



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