Meg is still completely adorable, and starting to get used to Dan and I. She's still a bit skittish, but her need for affection outweighs that, to the point where I had to stop playing X-Men Legends 2 last night as she kept head butting my hands so I'd stroke her. :)

On a nerdy note I reached 40th level in WoW last night and have my horsey! Huzzah for Paladins not having to cough up the cash for one. :)

Star Wars tonight! Woo!


Oct. 31st, 2005 09:04 am
Dan and I didn't go to Brighton in the end, the distance was one reason, the fact that neither of us know the birthday girl too well, and that we wanted to go look at kitties on the Sunday all meant we gave it a miss.

Instead we went to London to Jebbo's house, are pizza, then he, Dan, Elvis and I proceeded to dress up as zombie pirates there. We headed to a themed pub, and drank a bit whilst sat outside, every other person yelling Yarr at us, then when the pub shut at midnght we got a cab to Camden to go to the Electric Ballroom. We decided to chose 80's music to rock out to rather than proper rock, mostly fueld by the idea that they might play Adam and the Ants. :)

Sadly it would have cost £10 each to get into the Ballroom, so we collectively said "Sod That!" and went back to Jebbo's. We then played Betrayal at House on the Hill until about 5am, so I've now play 4 out of the 50 different senarios.

Due to being sober then, I drove Dan and I home. Was a very cool night. :)

Then Sunday happened and we got Meg!

Dan and I got a cat at the weekend (or as Alan referred to her, a dependant) and she's so adorable!

Her name is Meg, she's five years old, and all black. She's so cute.

Am all bouncy and excited, but wishing I was at home with her rather than at work.



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