May. 26th, 2005 09:10 am
.... it would have been my Mum's 57th birthday if she was still here.

I don't like May much, for the obvious reasons, but I kinda have to tolerate them due to not being able to control the passage of time (yet).

This one has been a bit of a bastard though to be honest, slightly harder to deal with.

I'm ok, but I reckon I may be prone to a couple of maudlin moments today, made worse by the fact that I won't see Dan until Monday (yes, sad I know).

Still, the Games it is. Fun and frolics in a field! Woo!


Mar. 13th, 2005 08:23 pm
.... and oddly enough a bit tearful too.

Happens when I get tired and think about Mum.

Would like to clarify that I'm alright though. So don't worry.
... went to buy birthday card in a card shop this lunchtime.

In my half asleep hungover state I responded "No." to the woman behind the counter's question of "Have you bought a Mother's Day card yet?"

What followed was a string of advice on why I should really buy one and how important our Mum's are to us.

Which prompted a rather explosive rant from me, clearly stating just why I wasn't buying a sodding card.

Now just want to go home and hide under duvet.
.... was pretty good actually. Friday night was my work's do so we headed down to London to Savoy Place, which is the IEE's building down there.wasn't too bad, on coaches from Stevenage.

It wasn't a bad do, but the fact we didn't sit down to eat was a bit awkward. Somehow we managed to eat the posh meal stood up, stupid idea having a hot buffet and nowhere to sit. After eating we went upstairs to where they were doing the disco and went out on the balcony, which has the most stunning view of the Thames, the London Eye and the National Theatre etc. In fact when the party got a little dull, Dan and I did go for a walk.

We crossed the river and went for a walk along South Bank and went up to the to the London Eye, which was sadly closed already.

Oh and has anyone else seen the weird trees on South Bank? They've got lights and mist machines in them, the lights flash at random point and then they spray the are with mist which didn't soak you, but was very cold none the less. Stupid Trees. We went back over to the party, then got the coach home.

Saturday was cool, for a start it was Dan's birthday. I got him the best birthday card, it had a little fat Penguin on it eating birthday cake, very cute. We did very little in the morning and then headed up to Manchester, for Dan's work do, about 4ish.

It was being held in the Moat House Hotel up near Manchester airport, was cool that we got a free night's stay there, and what made me laugh was that our room number was 101. The party was good, better than my work's actually, but it lacked slightly as Phil didn't turn up and I was looking forward to seeing him.

On Sunday we had to check out at 10.30, so couldn't have a lie in, but did have a full brekkie before leaving.

Then Sunday night we went to see Return of the King with Dave K - fab film, but I have been feeling a little down about my Mum for the last couple of days and it was kinda the icing on the cake, and I was really choked up at the end of it, actually it was more full on sobbing for a minute or two, so kinda ended the weekend on a downer - but was ok after several hugs from Dan.

And now I am at crappy work. Still last day today, then lovely holiday. :-)

Oh and someone was in high spirits this morning at Hatfield station as someone was doing Gollum impressions over the tannoy.



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