.... having to change a King Sized Duvet cover should be an Olympic sport!

I really should get a new mobile as mine keeps going wrong.. I've also got no credit again due to constantly txting people (mostly [livejournal.com profile] woodbrook)...

I'm running D&D tonight, and starting to feel really sorry for my poor Gnolls... am also concerned that entire party's daring plans will result in their messy destruction... damn them for coming up with something I wasn't prepared for...

I've no more holiday left this year. I used my last two days up on Dan's birthday (20th Dec) and on Xmas Eve. I may be able to get a flex day for December though, which I will mostly likely use for Xmas shopping.... [livejournal.com profile] sdar,[livejournal.com profile] xavin should we have a 60th birthday party the weekend before the 20th?

I've just sent my booking form off for the Incantors event....

I could really eat Scrambled Egg on Toast right now...

Penguins are wonderful...

... I'm sleepy....


Sep. 30th, 2004 04:47 pm
Am off to see Michael Palin tonight! *does happy dance*

Will do the last part of my Slasher update tomorrow, I promise.

D&D last night was fab, can't wait for the next one!
What a fab weekend! Am still so tired and achy, but so happy too.

I had sooooo much fun.

Dan and I had Friday off, which was spent frantically tidying the house in preparation for the fact we were to be having loads of people sleep on our living room floor. Then we went to Tesco and bought all the BBQ meat we could fit in our fridge.

When we got back we finished tidying (hiding stuff in places to make it look tidy) and the waited around for people to turn up.

[livejournal.com profile] gsw arrived first, after spending 20mins or so ringing the doorbell of 14 Cobmead, as opposed to 14 Strawmead where we actually live. Followed by [livejournal.com profile] woodbrook, [livejournal.com profile] silks_ic, [livejournal.com profile] snoj, [livejournal.com profile] fourmyle and Andy Kendall (sans LJ I believe?), not necessarily in that order.

We stayed up chatting in the garden until about 3.30am before turning in in anticipation of the next day’s activities.

Quite typically I couldn’t sleep. Was far too hyped up about the fact it was my birthday and that we were going to London Zoo to see Penguins! Yes I am aware that the Zoo has other animals, but none that are as important as penguins!

Eventually though a group of us headed off into London, some choosing to go and shop in Camden while the rest of us went to the zoo. Well not long after getting in I was stood in front of the Penguins, unable to move due to happiness of seeing Penguins. They were sooooo cute!

Then the embarrassment started, the Keeper asked the audience where Helen, who was celebrating her 25th birthday was. Of course I had to wave to everyone, and then tried to find out which of my friends I had to kill…. [livejournal.com profile] snoj was the culprit, but the need to kill her quickly was replaced by euphoria when I discovered she had arranged for me to go in the enclosure with the Penguins.

It was amazing! Everyone assumed I had touched a penguin before but I hadn’t. I was just so overcome with happiness it was silly. One stood on my foot for ages, whilst another pecked my knee (wish I could keep the bruise!), they are just so soft, like cuddly toys, and so lovely.

I couldn’t stop smiling for ages, my face actually started to hurt. Still smiling about it actually.

Eventually though we had to head back to Hatfield so I could be at the hall for 7.30 to pick up the key. Getting back home we found [livejournal.com profile] kheeram, [livejournal.com profile] overload74, Neill (sans LJ) and others waiting for us. A water pistol fight broke out, both inside and outside of the house.

Went over to the hall, and everyone else arrived shortly after. There was loads of us, I am told at least 50, most outside due to it being way too hot. I got drunk… very very drunk, but had a fab time dancing to music and socialising. Got sung to by everyone, and given cake. Got many cool pressies too, and was still on my Penguin high.

Oh and for those who couldn’t remember, we did the Conga to Firestarter.

Was so drunk by end that seeing had become an issue, as had shoes. Tried to stay awake when I got home but just couldn’t, so after taking out my contact lenses I passed out on my bed.

Apparently I drunk two pints of water before going to bed, and had another pint whilst in bed, although I did pour some of that over my head due to it being too hot, then another 2 when I got up which may explain why I didn’t have too bad a hangover.

Loads of us pilled over to McDonalds for breakfast, then came back home to wait until we were hungry enough to start the BBQ. Sunday was very hot, and so a number of us hid in the house where it was cooler, and others tried to find the remaining shade in the garden.

Much frothing and the eating of BBQ meat followed until eventually people started to drift back to their various homes.

I went to bed at 9.40pm that night, as was so tired.

It was such a great weekend though. Thanks to everyone who came, I had a fantastic time, and it was great to see everyone.

It’s a birthday I’m not going to forget.

It has Penguins and Ninjas in it!

Wonderful web comic about a man and his talking, cookie eating penguin!

Obviously appeals to me because of the Penguin aspect, but it is really good also, so go read. :-)
.... I really am now!

Dan and I went to Greenwich yesterday which was most enjoyable, we went to the National Maritime Museum, the Royal Observatory and to the Cutty Sark.

The Cutty Sark was fab, and I was feeling most childish stood on the main deck thinking about Maelstrom. I do not care if that makes me a sad muppet, I am a happy sad muppet.

The museum was very cool, but I would like to go again and spend a bit more time there than we did yesterday. We went to the Cutty Sark first and spent quite a while there so we had to rush to get both the Museum and the Observatory done.

Observatory was good as I have never seen the meridian line before, the only drawback of it was the fact that the path to it is up that steep hill, I thought I was going to die before I reached the top of it.

Oh and Dan bought me a cuddly penguin from the Museum shop. So it was a very good day. :-)
... when I am done here Dan is picking me up and we're going to Watford so I can see Penguins.

Apparently the Harlequin centre's christmas decorations has a Penguin theme and there are lots of displays of them. :-)



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