Currently I have: Lex, Amanda, Dave Y, Garrick and Sonja staying at mine.

Possibly I have more space - but others have asked and not got back to me about it (*looks at Dug & Chrissie*).

Could people get back to me asap on this otherwise space might be going to others.


Confirmed: Lex & Amanda (in spare room), Dave Y, Garrick, Sonja, Dug, Chrissie - that's 5 people in my living room - so probably have space for one more.
Considering monstering the Viper event, but can't get there?

Get in touch as I have space in my car as it's just me going. I'm not taking a tent, so might have room for 2 people.

[ profile] adze was it you who asked me for a lift?


Hmmm, Dan might still be going afterall - will hopefully know by end of day.
From the journal of [ profile] tadeous
"In a week and a half I'm running a vipers event in Leicestershire. Right now I don't have enough crew. If I can get enough crew then the event will be cracking.

If there is any chance of you being able to make it to a small campsite just north of hinckley on the 4-6th November. then please let us know at . More complete details are available from (when it works).

I really think it will be a good event to crew. I'd personally hate to be playing it. Come along. Bring your friends. Let us know, and I will see you there for murdering vipers."

Come and monster people!

And please note Simon said you only need murder Vipers, and other factional attendees please leave alone! :)
... watched Bubba Ho-Tep last night. Was very good, and very bizarre. Also a bit depressing too.

Bruce Campbell is still amazing. Do hope that there is truth to the Evil Dead 4 rumour.

Off to Vipers tonight. Cuffley is going to be a quagmire - but atleast it'll be a soft (but wet) landing for those bleeding to death.

Looking forward to it actually, but in a different way to what I expected.
"Tipping the Scales" Healers Guild October event - 29th-31st October, Cuffley Outdoor Centre, Herts.

Doing well on players, won't turn them away though so keep on booking to play.

Do need need monsters though, so please nag your mates to come too!

See for more details or e-mail

And here's some other events you may be interested in:

Eve of Winters WOLF EVENT

Date: Friday, the 1st to Sunday, the 3rd of October, 2004AD. Place: Cuffley Outdoor Centre, just north of the M25/A1 junction Cost:
Players: Before 24th of September, 2004 35.00 pounds
less discount if qualifying.
Monsters: Free, fed & bed - but you must book.

Beneath the Remains VIPER EVENT
7th - 9th October 1104
The Viper Faction's next event, Beneath the Ruins, will take place on this weekend at Candleston in South Wales.

Harts of Albion present HARTS EVENT
Ghosts of Old
The Harts Council 1104
Part I of the Blood of Kings Campaign

Cuffley Outdoor Centre
Friday 22nd of October to Sunday 24th of October 2004
... just processed a conference request which had to tag line:

"New Rules: New Threats: Game On!"

Oh how I laughed.
Went to No Place Like Home to monster for the Vipers.

It was amazing, I really enjoyed myself - part of me really wished I was playing, but that was due to knowing the plot and thinking how cool it was.

Am very glad I monstered though. Spent Friday night tearing through the player camp hunting werewolves as the Red Rider. Apart from wearing all red Luggage also mixed up fake blood mixture and then covered me in it. It was very grim, but added to the overall effect.

It was definately a stress relief shouting either artefact or werebane, and I didn't even mind being pagga'd into the mud repeatedly.

Yes, I was exceptionally muddy (and sticky from the wallpaper paste in my hair) by the end of it. So when they were done with me I got a lift back home and had a shower before coming back on site.

Oh congrats to [ profile] talking_dog for making a deal with me that I didn't spot the hole in. :-)

On Saturday I didn't need to play Red as the werewolves had done a runner, so ended up as another story character Puss-in-Boots. Luckily I went out after the Chaos Puppy had been killed by Tartars so it wasn't too short lived an encounter. Although saying that, my first life (out of the nine) didn't last too long.

I went up to a group of players and introduced myself and said that I was hunting rats, one of them told me they had one in the camp and the other then said "Ask for Mouldy."
So I did - a couple of affect rat calls later I was being mushed into the mud again. :-)

Puss lasted for most of the day, but sadly the opportune moment never came and so Mouldy survived. When they moved on from region two Puss disappeared, before she could show them the way to Uber Fae.

I took some time out after that due to being exhausted, and went to bed for a couple of hours. Then when I finally woke up I was sent out as a Baba Yaga Avatar, most fun - but it was very painful being that naive and nice.

Sunday went quite quickly actually, I was joined by [ profile] nortysarah as another Maiden and together we tried to take out Catlyn, and nearly succeeded before eventually being loc'ed by the players.

So yes, a fantastic weekend.

Plot was fab, all the monsters and players were fab, as were all the crew. Thanks to all. :-)
"I must say that I have met more Vipers in the healers guild than any other faction. And not one of them has turned out to be the stereotype so often portrayed by my own faction. I'm glad that the guild has allowed me to see that every faction has it's good and bad peoples."

I am so chuffed.



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