Talk about burning the candle at both ends - I'm knackered, and have a stupidly busy week ahead of me.

Was a good weekend though. Dan and I were up until 4.30am Friday night playing WoW - only reason we were on so late is because I had started making my Lekku, and needed to wait for the latex layers to dry.

Consequentially got up late-ish on Saturday, pottered about doing more on the tails, re-dying my hair red, and playing WoW - then stayed up silly late (3.30am) again whilst Dan did some paintwork on them.

Sunday I got up earlier, convinced that the Star Wars game started at 1pm, found out that it didn't start until 7pm, which was a bit annoying as I had to cancel plans I'd made with [ profile] nortysarah - really sorry Sarah!

Didn't do much on Sunday, except find stuff for the game, then about an hour before going to get [ profile] reindeerflotila I got the worst headache. Finally found some drugs about 10 mins before, so took them and headed out hoping it would go - I'd spent most of the weekend making the damn Lekku there was no way I was going to miss it.

Got to game after a smooth journey into London (I decided to drive all the way in), and after a pint of coke the headache started to fade. Was struck by severe self-consciousness when in make up and with the Lekku on my head, but managed to leave girls loos and integrate with the others.

Soon got over my fear when I had loads of positive comments head on me, and got XP award for costume before time in was even called. Game was a lot of fun, lots of politics (like Vampire only less fangs and blood) and a good laugh. I didn't do or say much as I was finding my feet - but I will go again.

Got a bit concerned on the drive back that my GPS was trying to abduct me - by leading me south over the river, instead of north, but eventually it got me home. It turned out it was set to avoid the congestion charge areas, which is why it took us the long weird way.

Got home at 12.30, crashed out by 1am.

This week I am out every night - Monday to Wednesday is the Dress/Tech Rehearsals, then Thursday to Saturday is the Performances, finally Sunday is take down.

I want a rest!
Meg is still completely adorable, and starting to get used to Dan and I. She's still a bit skittish, but her need for affection outweighs that, to the point where I had to stop playing X-Men Legends 2 last night as she kept head butting my hands so I'd stroke her. :)

On a nerdy note I reached 40th level in WoW last night and have my horsey! Huzzah for Paladins not having to cough up the cash for one. :)

Star Wars tonight! Woo!
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Well we started this healthy eating kick back on the 14th and it's still going, am most impressed with us. I have cooked a number of new and interesting dishes including: Lemon Pepper Chicken, Lancashire Crumble, Turkey Satay Stir Fry, Ham and Mushroom Risotto, and tonight I'm cooking Pork Chops in Orange Sauce.

Only drawback of this deal is I'm having to do most of the cooking, reason being Dan hates following recipes and only knows how to cook 3 things - Lasange, Spag Bol and Chilli. Yes there's a mince trend there, but they are all good. Especially his Chilli as he now uses Ginger so he doesn't poison me. :)

He's going to attempt to learn more so I'm not cooking so often.

So yes, the maturity is going quite well.

As for the Crack Addiction - I've got a level 22 Paladin (nearly 23rd), and he's got a level 19 Warrior (nearly 20th). We've become worse nerds that usual and I despair for us both...

.... or at least I would despair if I wasn't enjoying it. :D


Sep. 18th, 2005 04:42 pm
Got bored of the Druid - am now Aevina (Human Paladin)
Dreanor - Vadriena (Night Elf Druid) - Dug's signed me up to the Guild. :)

Now who do the rest of you play?

EDIT - I should have called her Cadda, but can't be arsed to restart.
So after talking with Dan last night, we've decided to be mature when it comes to food shopping and eating.
Each week I'm going to try and plan out what we want to eat each night (roughly), write up a shopping list and then go to Tesco.

This is in effort to prevent several expensive trips to the supermarket where we inevitably end up buying ready meals which aren't that healthy at all.

I'd like to think I have the staying power to do this (even if it does mean I'm becoming like my Mum - actually I don't mind that as she was way cool), but have written it in here, so if need be I can figure out how long the grand scheme lasted.

Tonight we're having Turkey Satay Stir-fry.

In less mature news, my very fabulous boyfriend has helped turn me into a Crack Whore by buying me 'World of Warcraft'.

I can see it now, my life is going to become filled with Shopping lists and gaming addiction.

[ profile] die_fleiderhat we'd still like to purchase your copy off you as Dan would quite like to try the Crack out for himself.



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