Well the first moot was definitely interesting to say the least. For a start I didn't get there until midday on Saturday due to being at a wedding the day before (I may post more on that later), and wasn't really looking forward to it. Was feeling really down about Dan not coming as well.

So I got there, got IC and found out that quite a bit had happened in my absence and things continued to move on at a rapid pace until 3 NPC's had been killed and a load more players had gone also. Due to how manic things got we pulled our plot for the rest of Saturday which left us at a bit of a loose end.

So about 11.30ish I went off and changed into Georgiana's kit and headed up to the Harts.

The atmosphere changed considerably once I got there. The tension that was everywhere else in Locko was decidely absent, and it was nice to find that the Harts and the Dragons weren't as worked up as everyone else.

I spent a good few hours there, particulary talking to Thenni and Osric about their intended wedding, and to Thenni about all the Fae stuff she was involved in. I also had a good chat with Bleys, but then he disappeared, rubbish man. ;-)

Eventually though I had to go to bed as I wanted to get to the meeting in the morning..... which was..... interesting.

Sunday was then spent in a stress as a lot of the emphasis of the Sunday had been put on the Guild, due to the Plane of Life going swirly.

Was off site by about 5pm and home just after 8pm, which was fantastic.

I am absoultely knackered today though, so I think I'll try and get next Monday off as will have to do takedown next week.
The wedding was very nice. I cried, but think I managed to hide it.

The weirdest thing was the lone seagull that watched the entire ceremony.... nuff said about that..

Met my 'brothers', and we all arranged to meet up at Busch Gardens today, and I've just got back. They are both very nice people, and we do seem to have stuff in common. Somehow I lost all common sense and went on all the evil rollercoasters, luckily I held in my lunch. :-) Dan and I had a really good day, I'm glad we went with them.

Oh and went to see Star Trek: Nemesis last night too.

I am unhappy about it, and do not wish to make any more comments as some may not have seen it yet.



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