Gathering 1105 opening speeches - with subtitiles - takes a long down to download if you haven't got broadband - but it's well worth the wait!


Sep. 1st, 2005 10:37 am
Well and there passes my first Gathering as a player again, after three years NPCing.

It was great! Made that way by having amazing friends and being so busy. I was really concerned about finding my feet as a player again - that I'd go from being an over-active NPC to a player with nothing to do. That so wasn't the case, and I never really stopped being busy.

Thanks to everyone, and a huge hug to [ profile] sdar! You'll do fab!


Sep. 4th, 2004 08:36 am
... the Gathering )

(Shameless plug! "Tipping the Scales" Healers Guild October event - 29th-31st October, Cuffley Outdoor Centre, Herts. We need players and monsters! See for more details or e-mail
.... got back about 11ish last night.

Had shower, went to bed.

Woke up at 9.30am, after about an hour and a half of sitting downstairs went to read book in bed.

Woke up at 2.15pm.

Feel somewhat more alive now, but not much.

Report on actual event will follow when brain has stopped dribbling out of my ears.
.... still got lots to do, am now committed to doing them in the field as opposed to home.

Am now trying to pack. Am having to bring everything I could possibly need as opposed to half now and half coming later with Dan as it's possible that Dan won't be going to the event at all.

Is a shame as I'll miss him (yes I am aware I see very little of him at main events), but am not going to push the point as I know he's feeling really disjointed about LT atm.

Ah well, must get on.
Got back from Locko last night a little after 11pm....

Had hoped I'd be able to make it through the event without a player making me cry... was wrong..

Am too tired to write about it all now... maybe tomorrow...

Sarah - due to yet another screw-up your cheque is still in my house.. will post to your London addy tomorrow. Sorry.



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