Pictures and other stuff from the event can be found at

Well actually there are no pictures yet, but Elvis has done diary extracts from his Frat boy character which are pretty funny.


Sep. 27th, 2004 11:16 am
... am in process of writing up an account of the event.

Am reliving the fear in my head as I type.

*shudder* quote my last character "Oh My Gawd!"

I've never been so terrified in my entire life!

It was fucking brilliant!

There were some sucky moments, and I don't think it was worth 50quid really, but I am so going to the next one!

I will write more tomorrow as am tired and need to wash, also my boss isn't in tomorrow so I can post here properly.

Oh, and Hillbillies are more scary than zombies, especially if they are wearing hockey masks and have machetes!

And Elvis has bought me Cthulhu slippers, they are fabulous!
... this was posted on the yahoo group for the event:

1. If you live anywhere near an industry that produces toxic waste
of an unknown type, don't just sit around, move to a different town!
This toxic waste will eventually somehow contaminate the area and
turn everyone but you into cannibal zombies.

2. Do not read from any books written in blood and bound in human
skin, or listen to any tapes made thereof. This has a tendency to
cause zombies to appear.

3. If you pick a place to hide out, make sure that there are no dead
people already inside, since they will eventually become zombies and
attack you.

4. Don't try and reason with any zombies, just run. They may appear
to be paying attention to you, but that is because they are actually
trying to gauge the quickest way through your skull.

5. Don't use a blunt instrument if you have to fight zombies. This
will only break a bone or two and make them mad. Projectile weapons
are the most effective (but only if you can consistently hit the
brain). Otherwise, chainsaws and lawnmowers have been known to work
in a pinch.

6. If any of your friends die, don't just let them lie there
(assuming that there's anything left). Make sure and shoot them in
the head. Otherwise, they will rise again and somehow find you later
when you least expect it, and you'll have to shoot them in the head
then anyway.

7. If you are trapped by zombies with someone that you don't get
along with, keep a close eye on that person. Experience has shown
that conflict within a group of defenders can provoke irrational
actions, leading to the demise of one or more of the group.

8. While trapped inside a building by zombies, don't go near the
windows, even boarded up ones. The zombies will stand outside moaning
quietly to themselves until you are right by the window, and then
they will suddenly punch through it and grab you. The other zombies
will try and distract you by pounding on the doors and walls, and
saying "Braaaaaains".

9. If you have to run through a crowd of zombies, don't get too
confident just because they have limited brain power and move slowly.
Zombies have a death grip (no pun intended), and if you get too close
to one, you'll regret it.

10. If you're trapped in a farmhouse by a zombie horde, don't just
sit there waiting for rescuers. Use your spare time to make a big
sign that says "DON'T SHOOT ME, I'M HUMAN!" so that said rescuers
don't make a mistake when they see you.

Made me laugh.
Aw fuck it.. am going to go to Slasher. My paranoid "I won't know anyone there but Elvis" phase has passed. Am a friendly individual and will make friends with people there... just in time to see them eaten by zombie/kill by a maniac with a chainsaw/cut in half by evil tree*

*delete as applicable


Sep. 15th, 2004 11:15 am
... anyone else out there interested in Death by Zombies?

Slasher – 70's Beach Party

Date: 24-26 September 2004
Site: Candleston, South Wales
Details: Self-catered camping event
Cost: £50

It is the summer of 1977, Star Wars has just been released and everything in the world is good. Time for a Beach Party!!! The only problem is the uninvited guest…

Slasher – 70's Beach Party is a Chimera Leisure "Cover Story" event, based upon the popular Slasher/Zombie horror film genre. With your participation, we hope to emulate such movies as the Day/Dawn/Night of the Dead trilogy, Resident Evil and 28 Days Later as well as other such movies as Evil Dead, Halloween and Friday the 13th.

The Slasher event turns traditional live role-play events on their head as it is designed to imitate the best of the worst teen horror flicks. As players you are a victim guaranteed to die at some point over the
weekend. In fact it is recommended that all players bring along at least three changes of costume to cover the whole weekend.

The fun of Slasher is not trying to survive, but rather trying to die in the most entertaining, scary and true to the genre way possible.

To make the event even more entertaining this Slasher event is set in the late 70's.

This event is looking like it will be great fun indeed – especially with what we have planned!!!

Slasher will feature
• Blood
• 24 hour time in from 10pm on Friday evening until Sunday morning.
• Lots of blood
• Fully interactive, player lead, non-linear story lines and interaction at all levels.
• Blood, blood and even more blood
• An experienced crew and high standard of kit,
costume and game play.
• Did I mention the blood?

Elvis (the Brainwrong, not the King of Rock n Roll), is trying (pretty successfully) to convince me to go along.

If people want more info, just ask.



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