Tonight I shall be playing D&D and not give in to my addiciton that is CoH.

Actually that's a bit of a lie, as I'll have a quick go on that when I get home. Tee hee.
.... Biggest Dan bought a new car on Saturday, a shiny blue VW Passat. It's a year and a half old and quite lovely. This means that when he collects his new car (in the next couple of weeks or so), I can have his old one! :-D

Am really happy about this, as have got quite used to have a car again due to Dad lending me his whilst he's in the States.

Also I got past a really tricky bit in Spider-Man 2 on the X Box that had been driving me nuts, so am fairly pleased about that. (Yes, am sad nerd.)

Tonight is part two of the Eeeevil D&D campaign that Mr Kyte is running. It's quite bizarre that we are second level and don't have a class level yet, but fairly funky too.

Then tomorrow I intend to watch [livejournal.com profile] woodbrook give our PM a hard time on TV, then hopefully go and see Oceans 12 with Dan.

Thursday I have no plans, and my weekend looks pretty clear too. Huzzah!
... was cool.

Got attacked by Lizardmen bandits.

Am slowly be surrounded by three of them, so I say "I have no issue with you, back off."

To which they replied, "We don't have issue with you, we just want your money."

I play a wilf-elf barbarian/druid, covered in druidic symbols and mud etc, I have matted dreadlocks, wear basic leather armour (think that Knightly woman in Authur), and carry a small bag and a quarterstaff. I look the epitome of poor.

So I give them an incredulous look (not that I know what that word means IC), then one of them tries to seperate me from my stick.

Then the red mist descended. :-)


Oct. 8th, 2004 01:23 am

Cadda smash!

Luckily my luck with dice held out (but poor [livejournal.com profile] oneneoeno did seem to get a run of bad luck), and none of us got horribly trashed by the "horde" of skeletons/zombies/goblins and the eeeevil Kobolds. I was a bit concerned that I was going to drop out of rage at the wrong point, but luckily it all went well.

Cadda and Lothar seem to have a Legolas/Gimli relationship when it comes to fights, but although I am the painfully thin elf he's the one who uses a bow and I'm the one who smashes stuff... so not too sure which is which.

Oh and Dan, 11!
Am so looking forward to it as it was left in such a clifhanger way - loads of undead coming out of the forest towards us... the promise of a good fight!

But... the last two sessions of D&D that I have done (once playing, once as the DM) I've been rolling really well... so tonight...

Yep Cadda might cark it in a fit of rage as she tries to clense the earth of the vile perversion of life with her stick.

- new job and rest of Slasher updates to come, I promise.
... there was no death caused by massive stick related trauma, but it was still cool.

Will be having withdrawal symptoms now as we can't really play next Thursday.
.... I found this on the net which made me smile:

D&D Spells Not Worth Memorizing

Acid Trip
Alamir's Fundamental Theorem
Anger God
Animate Bread
Anti-Magic Magic Missle
Become Dead (reverse of Resurrect Self)
Bigby's Clenched Teeth
Bigby's Critically Fumbling Hand
Bigby's Insulting Hand (the second finger is rather prominent)
Break the Wind
Change Elf
Charm Dead
Clear Audience (usually follows Delayed Blast Flatulence)
Create Coat Hanger
Cure Light Winds
Cure Smoked Ham
Detect Dead (Yep, he's dead alright...)
Detect Detect Spells
Detect Lightning Bolts (area: 5')
Detect Pervert
Detect Self
Drawmij's Instant Coffee (components: hot water and cup)
Enlightening Bolt
Enrage Dragon
Evard's Blue Testicles
Explosive Friends
Feign Orgasm
Get Life
Globe of Vulnerability
Guess Alignment
Hair Extension I, II, III
Hold Bladder
Hold Self
Impress Plants
Improper Suggestion
Invisibility to Dead
Irritate Self
Kender Summoning I, II, III
Knock Knock
Legend Bore
Leomund's Grass Hut
Lightning Blot
Locate Right Hand
Maggot Missle
Magic Gristle
Mail of the Banshee
Melf's Acid Trip
Mildly Surprising Grasp
Mistaken Identify
Mordenkainen's Aroused Hound (can't get it off of the nearest leg)
Mordenkainen's Unfaithful Wife
Otto's Irresistible Disco-Duck
Part Hair
Phantasmal Fork
Power Word, NO!
Power Word, Puke
Protection from Self
Psychoanalyze Without Error (Zo, ven dit you shtop lofink your mutter?)
Rectum of Retention
Remove Hand (yours)
Rest Erection
Resurrect Living
Shocking Gasp (usually follows Tenser's Shocking Suggestion)
Silence of the Lambs, 15' radius
Speak With Self
Tasha's Controllable Mildly Unpleasant Laughter
Tasha's Uncontrollable Bladder
Tasha's Uncontrollable Hideous Flatulence
Teleport Without Destination
Teleport Without Terror
Tenser's Formatted Disk
Tenser's Shocking Suggestion (you want to WHAT??!)
Transmute Rock to Jazz
Unseen Manservant
Unseen Pervert
Wall of Dog
You Wish!
ZX-Spectral Force


Jun. 23rd, 2004 10:43 am
I ran the first session of my Forgotten Realms Campaign last night, and I think it went well despite the bittiness and slow start that is normal to a first session of a campaign.

Didn't really want to have to stop, but it got to 11.30pm and I needed to go to bed.

Hey [livejournal.com profile] thewhitespider! You wan buy a Peridot?
Wow, this working on a Saturday lark sucks. Haven't done this since I worked at the library back when I was at Uni... so we're talking 4 years ago now.

Sucks even more than I thought it would because it's just me and the nob MD Simon.

Got up before 8, unheard of for me on Saturday, and had to be at the station for 9, and finally got into St Albans for about 9.35am.

Still, after today only two more working days left here, then 3 days of freedom, the weekend and then the IEE!!

I popped into Hammicks... no wait Ottakar's, and picked up a shiny new copy of Wyrd Sisters - The Play that I had on order. I also got The Book of Exhalted Deeds for D&D.

Thought Exhalted Deeds might be handy for next weekend, as am running the second part of my Norse campaign. I've more or less worked out the entire plot for it, and am now just turning it into encounters etc. It should be a giggle nonetheless.

[livejournal.com profile] woodbrook, no you can't wear the winged helmet when you play.

Norse D&D

May. 5th, 2003 10:54 am
Ran a game of D&D for Dan, Dave K, [livejournal.com profile] adze , and [livejournal.com profile] woodbrook on Saturday, based on Norse mythology.

[livejournal.com profile] woodbrook was most amusing as her Valkyrie type character.

Am looking forward to when I'll be able to run it again at some point.



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